What to do when working your ‘core’ makes you worse!

What to do when working your ‘core’ makes you worse!

Welcome to my latest work! And as unpopular as this week’s blog may make me among the millions of health professionals prescribing core exercises, I am here to challenge us all…

As you may have noted on previous blogs , my definition on the ‘core’ is quite different from most – incorporating my ‘1/2/3’ concept of strengthening. In brief, instead of solely contracting the lower abdominals, I also incorporate the pelvic floor and gluts as well – effectively locking the pelvis three-dimensionally.

Secondly, the concept of ‘core’ strength I believe should not refer so much to the STRENGTH of the co-contraction of 1/2/3 as to the ability of the brain to FIRE into these muscles when they are most needed. For example, lifting, sneezing, or any action that raises our intra-abdominal pressure requires a quick message from the brain to the muscles to gird the pelvis, counter-acting the downward force.
Finally, I believe the core muscles were not created to be constantly contracted (the theory of ‘keep your core switched on’) but to be able to be recruited in an instant, developing trigger points as well as other issues when kept in constant contraction.

However, that aside, I have recently uncovered a new set of issues pertinent to this generation of ‘core junkies’ – those of us who have had fantastic core strength and who pride ourselves in our ability to co-contract our 1/2/3 when our bodies most needed it.
In brief, I am finding a new syndrome of core overflow, where, with the focus on strong contraction, we have switched on our deep hip flexor (iliopsoas) and caused a whole realm of secondary issues.

So is this you? Do you have sacro-iliac pain which has never gone despite your core work? Do you get pain at the front of your hips and thighs which never resolves despite stretching? Do you notice your gluts are difficult to swtich on and fading in comparison to your strong abs?
If so, or if your back and pelvis issues simply keep returning, it is time you popped in to get assessed. The solution is simple and as usual, diagnosis is precise, so book online or call 0400284408 today!

Yours in solving the unsolvable…


Authored by: Elizabeth Orr

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