Asthma Update – the Asthma App in time for Winter!

Asthma Update – the Asthma App in time for Winter!

An asthma app was released on 3rd May by the  national asthma body   to mark World Asthma Day on Tuesday 3rd May. “The app has been built to help healthcare professionals better care for people with asthma. It provides easy access to information about asthma, asthma medications, device technique videos, asthma action plans, asthma first aid and clinical guidelines.”

“Available for free on any Apple phone or tablet, it is targeted towards doctors on the move as well as practice nurses and health professionals working in General Practice, hospitals and pharmacies.

The Asthma App is being sponsored by the National Home Doctor Service who have just launched a three year partnership with Asthma Australia. They say patients with asthma are one of the largest special interest groups who need to see a doctor after hours, particularly during winter.

There were 7,865 requested visits to NHDS for asthma related problems last winter, compared to 3,716 in the summer months. This increase in winter is due to the drop in temperatures and an increase in cases of flu, both of which are triggers for asthma flare-ups.”

Mark Brooke is the CEO for Asthma Australia. He  identified the following:

“The Asthma App was developed based on feedback we received from healthcare professionals on how we can help them to provide the highest quality care to people with asthma.”

“We’ve made it really simple to use – with videos on how to use devices as well as pictures To identify different medications – so it is suitable for healthcare professionals in a range of settings. We hope it will also be a useful tool for people with asthma to download and refer back to as a general support channel.”

It is currently estimated that nearly half of the 2.4 million Australians affected have poorly controlled asthma.

“We hope that by continuing to offer support to people with asthma and their healthcare professionals, in as many different formats as possible, we can increase the number of people accessing information to help them improve their asthma control. The launch of the Asthma App is an important step towards reaching this goal.”

The app is available to download now from the iTunes store. People with asthma can access support and information about asthma at or by calling 1800 ASTHMA (1800 278 462)

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