Where will you be living in 10, 20, 30….years time?

Where will you be living in 10, 20, 30….years time?

Where will you be living in 10, 20, 30….years time?

I gave a presentation recently on the Gold Coast at the Annual Conference of the Australian Investors Association entitled “Later Life Lifestyles“.

Some of the options in later life that I identified and talked about included:

  • Stay at home
  • Sell and rent
  • Downsize to smaller home
  • Retirement Village
  • Manufactured Home Park
  • Rental Village
  • Assisted living facility
  • Aged care facility
  • Home care
  • Family care

Many of us will transition through some of these options and there are even a few interesting variations developing including:

  • Home care in a Retirement Village
  • ‘Care in the Air’ involving high rise aged accommodation where you go in at the lower levels and progress over time upwards to higher levels of care (and even higher later on)
  • Older people banding together to rent or buy a home as ‘house mates’

This is a dynamic area of life and one that organisations are constantly researching in the incessant demand of trying to keep ahead of, or anticipate, their customers’ needs.

For your individual circumstances, asking yourself the question of – “Where will I be living in the future?” can have a salutary effect on your life. It can cause you to confront the issue in advance rather than wait for the inevitable need to make a decision. Decide in haste and regret at your leisure as they say.

Why not have a seminal discussion with us at an early stage so we can take you through the options and their implications and arm you with knowledge and information to make a good plan or implement a good decision.

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