Upward Bullying In Nursing Academia

We understand the concept of bullying. As Nurses we are aware of instances whereby  bullying  has occurred over time in some of our workplaces. The enclosed article published  in Journal Academic Nursing provides food for thought regarding the concept of upward bullying, and why it occurs. “…the reported incidence of bullying is rising in the Australian workplace with levels reported at 68% (Dollard et al. 2012); nursing is not exempt. Literature abounds regarding bullying among nurses.”  Upward bullying thrives in organizations that are struggling to respond to change. Upward bullying occurs when persons in positions of authority are bullied by subordinate members of staff (Branch et al. 2012). This form of harassment may manifest itself differently to what is commonly recognized as workplace bullying and it is reported less frequently.Wallace et al. (2010), in a study of upward bullying in New Zealand organizations, including academia,found that 75% of employees had engaged in some form of upward bullying behaviour”.

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