The Cedric Project!

The Cedric Project!

The CEDRIC Project – have you heard about this?

The University of Sunshine Coast is conducting a research project – the  CEDRIC Project aims to strengthen the capacity of the aged care sector to deliver high quality aged care, to improve care for older adults in the Emergency Department and to improve interaction between Residential Aged Care Facilities (RACF’s) and both the primary and secondary health care sectors.

There are two interconnected elements:
• Health Intervention Project for Seniors (HIPS); and
• Geriatric Emergency Department Intervention (GEDI).

It is anticipated  that this innovation will reduce inappropriate transfer of RACF residents to ED; to improve resident and family satisfaction with care and decrease re-presentations to the ED;  improve compliance with National Emergency Access Targets (NEAT) in the ED; minimise hospital access block and provide a better level of care to older Australians while providing net reduction in or cost neutral Government expenditure.

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  1. Alison Craswell at 1:57 pm

    Thanks for sharing our innovation. We have a webpage with more information and you can follow us on twitter @CEDRiCProject
    GEDI is kicking goals at Nambour hospital caring for older people and making their ED stay as streamlined as possible. Kaye Coates, our Nurse Practitioner Candidate at Sundale Ltd. through the HIPS initiative is also assisting residents stay in Sundale for their care rather than need a transfer to hospital. Better quality care all round!

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