Support Surfaces for Skin Grafts & Flaps

Whilst the enclosed article is from the Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, you will find it an interesting read.  ‘Food allergy is defined as an adverse health effect arising from a specific immune response that occurs reproducibly on exposure to a specific food. Symptoms typically present within minutes to hours after ingestion.

In contrast, food intolerance is not immune mediated and occurs because of pharmacologic, toxic, or metabolic properties of the food or the host.Food allergy diagnosis requires documentation of a clinical history of a food allergic reaction. After ingestion of a specific food, a child may have mild symptoms (eg, a few hives, mild nausea/discomfort) and/or severe symptoms (eg, diffuse hives, shortness of breath, any respiratory symptom, obstructive swelling of tongue and/or lips that interferes with breathing, or circulatory symptoms)’.

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