Staffing Mix for Multi Purpose Services in Rural Australia

“The MPS model, with its focus on integrating services under one management structure, aims to address the needs of a wide variety of clients. How well this is achieved is debatable, due to the conflicting ideologies of acute and aged care. Managers and senior staff usually come from an acute care background and are challenged by the concepts of aged care, particularly when faced with the imperatives of emergency care. One of the major restrictions to providing a service that supports staff aspirations and optimal patient care is the financial constraint faced by health service managers on a daily basis.”

The enclosed article published in an international Rural and Remote Journal  in December 2014  examines some of the major issues – managerial, patient/resident care and human resource – to be considered when devising the right skill mix for an MPS.  If you work or manage a Multi-Purpose Health Service you will find this article of interest.

Staffing Mix for Multi Purpose Services in Rural Australia PDF

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