Rural Health Recommendations from Deeble Institute

‘ This Issues Brief from the Deeble Institute argues that for the health disparities between rural and urban Australians to be addressed then rural communities must be involved in the design of their health services.

The report includes recommendations on improving the overall health of rural Australians, through community participation initiatives, which are tailored to the local context and are aimed at improving existing practice without increased health expenditure. Recommendations include working with the local community to develop new ways to contract and pay for health services and focussing on proposals that best display community participation approaches.

The authors argue that community-based health services including Medicare Locals and Local Health Networks have an important role to play, including developing partnerships between existing services and leveraging existing participation strategies, and creation of community leadership positions across existing community-based health services, to avoid duplication and overcome barriers of over-consultation and volunteer fatigue.’

Rural Health Recommendations from Deeble Institute

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