WHO Recommendations re e-Cigarettes!

The World Health Organization (WHO)  has released a report on e-cigarettes  which recommended restrictions should be placed on the marketing of the devices, their sale to minors and indoor use. According to Professor Mike Daube  who is the President of the Australian Council on Smoking and Health and Professor of Health Policy at Curtin University.

“The WHO position paper is thorough, comprehensive and important.

The clear conclusion is that we should be very cautious about any developments around e-cigarettes. The reality is that these products are still new; the potential benefits are still in doubt; and there are significant concerns about possible short and long-term harms.

There is enormous cause for concern about the way that global tobacco companies have taken over the e-cigarette market, and are using them in efforts to re-normalise smoking behaviour. A major recent report from the US shows that youth e-cigarette use increased threefold there between 2011 and 2013, and that young e-cigarette users were more likely to take up smoking.

Smoking in Australia is already declining quite dramatically. Only 12.8% of adults are regular smokers, and almost all school students are now non-smokers. We should be extremely careful about allowing anything onto the market here that might reduce the impact of our world-leading programs.”

E-cigarettes report

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