Public Health | Australia’s Future Health Workforce – Nurses!

Public Health | Australia’s Future Health Workforce – Nurses!

As a Nurse do you know how many Nurses are working in Australia? Are you up to date with information regarding your specific area of Nursing?The content of the references articles may surprise you. “The nursing profession is the largest single health profession in Australia.” According to Australia’s Future Health Workforce – Nurses – Overview published by Health Workforce Australia in 2014 . Did you know In 2012, males comprised approximately one-tenth (10 per cent or 29,612) of employed nurses in Australia.

The report identifies that in “the medium to long-term, Australia’s demand for nurses will significantly exceed supply (with a projected shortfall of approximately 85,000 nurses by 2025, or 123,000 nurses by 2030 under current settings). It shows that no single policy scenario is capable of closing the gap between nursing workforce supply and demand. ”

It is also worth reading the document Australia’s Future Health Workforce – Nurses – Detailed. This publication provides information on the demographics and characteristics, and workforce planning projections for the following nursing sectors:

• Acute care

• Aged care

• Critical care and emergency

• Mental health

• Other nursing

In part it reads “the highest percentage of clinical RNs (10 per cent or approximately 25,100) worked in aged care in 2012. Approximately one-quarter (23 per cent or approximately 58,000) of clinical RNs worked in the combined medical, surgical and mixed medical/surgical areas “.

The report also clearly identifies that there is no nationally agreed workforce to population ratio and is enclosed for your information.

Australia’s Future Health Workforce – Nurses PDF

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