A Previous Life as a Cake Decorator – My Chocolate Mudcake Recipe

A Previous Life as a Cake Decorator – My Chocolate Mudcake Recipe

In a previous life, I was a cake decorator. Wedding, engagement, birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers…..you name it and I did a cake for it (See the pics below). I was a total caking-freak. I use a mudcake recipe that I came across years ago and it has served me well. I have used in literally hundreds of cakes over the years. The recipe is so easy – melt and mix!

It is rich, moist, delicious and easily modified to add flavours like Baileys, Chocolate Rum Liqueur or Kaluha. The cake freezes beautifully, so if you have left-overs cut them into serving sizes, pop them in the freezer and when you get a craving for mudcake use the microwave to warm it up……………I’m drooling.

Anyway without further ado, check out the video or the printed version down the page. Watch for my tip on how to bake flat cakes, it even works on packet cakes.

Here are just a few of the cakes I have done over the years:


Chocolate Mudcake


400g Self Raising Flour
400g Sugar
350g Dark Chocolate – I like to use Old Gold
225g Butter – I always use salted butter
3 Beaten Eggs
600ml Water


  1. In a sauceopan over a medium bring the sugar, water, chocolate and butter to a simmer and stir until all the ingredients are melted and dissolved.
  2. Set aside to cool for about 30 mins
  3. Meanwhile turn the oven to 150c and grease, line and flour 2 x 20cm cake tins
  4. Using an electric mixer combine flour into the cooled chocolate goodness.
  5. Add beaten eggs and mix until combined.
  6. Bake for about 1 hour. (Trust your nose, it will tell you when they are cooked or insert a skewer if it comes out clean they are good to go)
  7. When cooked, cool on a wire rack and decorate as you desire.

Let me know if you have any questions about the recipe. I would love to see some of your cakes send me a pic to [email protected]

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