Practices and Processes Guide

Practices and Processes Guide

The Australian Aged Care Quality Agency have put the following Draft Practices and Processes Guide for Home Care Standards on their website for information and comment.

This draft guide provides detailed guidance for our quality review of home care, National Respite for Carers Program, Home and Community Care. It is designed to set out the key areas and types of considerations we expect service providers will demonstrate in meeting the Home Care Standards.

The guide is written in broad terms, in order to be relevant to all sizes and types of providers of home care services – so that you can develop and adapt practice to suit your own particular circumstances, and operational models of quality service delivery.

This guide has been developed to assist quality reviewers to focus on the principles of quality review – continuous improvement; care recipient focus; being helpful; evidence; results; systems and processes; openness and transparency. This guide may also be used as a reference guide for providers in performing self-assessment of their care and service in preparing for the quality review.

If you have any feedback, please send it to [email protected].


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