Poisoning in children and young people in Australia Report!

Poisoning in children and young people in Australia Report!

Poisoning in Children and Young People in Australia!  The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare has released the latest report about children and young people aged 0–24 who were hospitalised as a result of poisoning in Australia. The results  remain a concern and I’m  sure they will  be to you too!

Here is a snapshot of some of the findings. You can access the full report here>>

Almost half (49%) of all cases occurred among 18–24 year olds and a quarter among 15–17 year olds (26%). The highest rate of poisoning by pharmaceuticals was seen in 15–17 year old girls (589 cases per 100,000). The majority (37%) of these cases were caused by non-opioid analgesics (for example, ibuprofen and paracetamol).

Sadly “Almost two-thirds (63%) of poisoning cases among children and young people aged 10-24 were due to intentional self-harm, but this was more common in the older age groups examined (15‒17 and 18‒24 years). In these groups, intentional self-harm accounted for the largest proportion of hospitalised poisoning among both sexes, though the rates of intentional self-poisoning were higher among females in each age group.’

‘Poisoning by other substances occurred mainly in children aged 1-4 (23%) and young people aged 18-24 (37%). Among children aged 1-4, the rate of poisoning was higher among boys (43) compared with girls (27). The most common cause of poisoning by other substances among children and young people was contact with venomous animals (749 cases); insect bites (54%) and spider bites (22%) accounted for the majority of these envenomations.’

This report certainly highlight the continued need to support our young people  and to keep a vigilant eye on our children in general.

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