Pain Sensitivity in Stress and Anxiety Disorders

Does sensitivity to pain alter in individuals who have chronic pain  and anxiety disorders including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) ? “An estimated 11–60% of patients with chronic pain report the co-occurrence of various anxiety disorders. Individuals with PTSD and chronic pain report higher ratings of psychiatric distress, greater disability, and more intense pain compared to those with PTSD or chronic pain only”.

“Evoked pain sensitivity is one factor that has been associated with several pain conditions which might also have relevance to anxiety disorders and PTSD. “The finding of the enclosed study were published in the  Annals of Psychiatry  and analysed  evoked pain sensitivity in PTSD compared to other anxiety disorders and in control participants. The findings did  suggest that individuals with PTSD may exhibit lower cold pain sensitivity compared to those with other anxiety disorders.

The article is enclosed for your information.

Pain Sensitivity in Stress and Anxiety Disorders PDF

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