Optimal Timing for Replacement of Intravascular Administration Sets

Over the years there has been debate regarding the frequency of changing intravascular administration sets in order to reduce the potential for infection. The enclosed article is a Cochrane Review by Australian Authors. The review is based on the knowledge that the tubing attached to both venous and arterial catheters may contibute to bacteraemia and other infections.It is thought that the rate of infection can alter by routine replacement of the administration sets.

The findings of the review proved interesting! According to the paper authors ‘ some evidence indicates that administration sets that do not contain lipids, blood or blood prodcuts may be left in place for itervals of up to 96 hours without increasing the risk of infection. Other evidence suggests that mortality increased within the neonatal population with infrequent change of administration sets!

What are the protocols for changing administrations sets at your  workplace?

Optimal timing for intravascular administration set replacement (Review) PDF

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