Nurses voted the number 1 group of professionals!

Is it a surprise to hear that in Australia Nurses have, for the 20th consecutive year been voted the number 1 group of professionals for being ethical and trustworthy in a Roy Morgan 2014 survey? I don’t think this  news should be a surprise when you consider what you do on a daily basis.

Nurses tend to ‘just do their job’ and  ‘take things in their stride’ and see situations and hear information which to members of the general public may seem ‘bizarre’, ‘incredible’ or ‘unbelievable’. Nurses are often privy to  an individuals most private and confidential information  e.g. ( giving a  person a bedpan, assisting  the birthing of a baby, dealing with a trauma patient and persons intoxicated ………….. and this is only in the first couple of hours work in  an A & E).   Nurses go about their work with  discretion, discernment and respect regardless of the multiple demands  and  work experiences presented.

Congrats to Nurses everywhere – Nurses do deserve being recognised as the number 1 group of ethical and trustworthy professionals – as long as there are Nurses – patients will remain in good hands!

Reference: DPS News>>

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