Wound Advice  – Snapshot of Wound Care Products

Wound Advice – Snapshot of Wound Care Products

Did you know there are than 3000 wound care related products on the market? No wonder Nurses can become  confused with the myriad of  products and their uses. Nurses are increasingly working in more than workplace and more often than not, each workplace has a different supply of wound care related products. How often have you asked a peer about a wound care product that you are familiar with and they say we don’t have that here – or  – I’ve never heard of that!

We have put together a simple one page sheet enclosed below for you to download and print out for your reference.  Don’t forget  the Nurses for Nurses Network has a great range of Nursing Education and Nursing activities related to wound care including the best practice management of leg ulcers. The sessions are focused on Nurses who need to know about managing wound care in the ‘real world’ where Nurses are often time poor and resource limited!

Wound Care
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  1. Judith Biggin at 1:15 pm

    Thanks for the information Cheryl I will be able to make good use of the poster to explain to staff why we use a certain product.

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