No Hands Image Transfer for Wound Management- Snap Cap System

No Hands Image Transfer for Wound Management- Snap Cap System

How often do you take wound photographs? We understand  the importance of  meticulously  documenting wound appearance  and  healing progress or regression  over time. “Yet, current wound documentation practices using digital photography are often cumbersome and labour intensive.”   Issues exist with non consistent image size, clarity, the skill of the person capturing the image and patient identification.

A very interesting study published online in PLOS in April 2015 reviews the  assessment of  the Snap-Cap system, a Google Glass and Android smartphone-based application that is capable of mobile hands-free image capture. It allows Nurses to photograph wounds while keeping their hands free to assist positioning a patient in a ‘safer, more hygienic manner. The system also allows for speech-to-text annotation for wounds.

“Since the Snap-Cap application uses Glass’ integrated camera as a barcode scanner to read a patient’s ID wristband, Nurses are no longer required to write patients’ personal identification information on paper rulers. The Snap-Cap System transmits information encoded in the wristband’s barcode to an EMR to verify patient identity, and tags subsequent wound photographs with the patient’s information. These features reduce critical errors such as image mis labelling or uploading data to the wrong chart.”

 The referenced paper is here to access  Hands-Free Image Capture, Data Tagging and Transfer Using Google Glass: A Pilot Study for Improved Wound Care Management 




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