vanoraVanora  Kopp has spent well over 10 years helping people grow, manage and enjoy their savings. She believes that an individual’s financial position should not be a source of stress in their life.

Vanora is a member of the Australian AFA (Association of Financial Advisers) and is currently studying toward her Masters of Financial Planning. She is passionate about applying strategies to improve every client’s financial future while maintaining confident quality of life in the present.

In recent years, through her work with medical professionals, she came to realize that too few people in healthcare are on track to achieve financial freedom and that women are over-represented in this regard.

The next step was obvious and Ara Financial Advisory was created to ensure women in healthcare have access to quality, independent and affordable financial advice. “Too many women in health are not taking full advantage of the benefits that are available to them. At the end of the day we want women in health to take control of their finances and take ownership of their lives.”

We believe it’s time to get started!   To  find out more, you  can contact Vanora via email  [email protected] or see the webite