Do you know if what you are eating is right for you?

Do you know if what you are eating is right for you?


I love the course I teach. The modules have been carefully planned in a particular order that  enable students to begin to work out what way of eating is best suited to their constitution, their body type and what makes them feel good.

I love that we can all choose to listen to what our body needs to eat and style food around a few different principals of eating in order to create food which makes our bodies sing. In the recent Ayurvedic module of The Vegan Chef and Lifestyle training I really resonated with being told I am vata imbalanced which means I have to avoid certain foods like tomatoes and chillies but eat other foods and spices like licorice, pumpkin, sweet potato and tarragon. I also am very much enjoying my vata balancing churna (spice blend) which i can add to foods that I think are not so wonderful for me or just to add to food to give me a bit more balance.

Then in line with the Healing with Wholefoods diet  (Paul Pitchford) I am very much enjoying eating a small salad with my lunch which is contrary to the guidelines of Ayurveda and the macrobiotic diet. Then last week when getting ready to teach macrobiotic cooking I realised how much I love having quite a lot of grain with my lunch and some miso soup or buckwheat porridge and steamed veg for my breakfast, very different to any of these low carb diets that are making the health food circuit at the moment.

What a luxury I have to be able to learn and teach these wonderful ways of cooking and then be able to choose what feels absolutely wonderful for me physically, nourishingly and spiritually.

Can you tell when you are eating something that feels really right for you? The focus these days seems to be on what is not working for people in their diets, but how would it be if every time you ate  you took time to feel into whether it felt good for your body or not? Is that something you already do? Would love to hear how it is for you all.

Here is my delicious lunch time recipe so simple and so wonderful as when one component of my lunch runs out I make one new thing each day. So for

Monday last week I had

rice and dhal

and I had cooked too much dhal for one meal so on


millet and dhal then on

Wednesday there was left over millet

so I had millet and marinated tempeh

And it continues in that fashion.


Here is my feel good lunch for last Monday

Veets feel good lunch

Dhal (recipe a few blog posts back)

1/2 cup brown rice cooked in 1 cup boiled water and a touch of salt

1/2  avocado sliced

lettuce leaves sliced

1/4 cup of sauerkraut

1 tbsp coconut yoghurt

squeeze of lemon and a splash of olive oil

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