The Nurses for Nurses Network exists to support you to meet your CPD requirements.
We are built by Nurses, for Nurses and welcome you to join our ever-growing network.
There are so many fabulous reasons to join, here are just a few of them:

CPD is mandatory
 • As a Nurse, you need to meet your annual registration CPD requirement.
• You need to have evidence that you have completed it.
• Evidence needs to be quickly available should you be audited.
• Your job is hard enough you don’t need any added stress.

NfN exists to support you to meet your CPD requirements:
   • Heaps of sessions.
• Certificate of completion for each one.
• Portfolio of evidence at your fingertips.
• Available 24/7.
• Claim the cost of membership on your tax.

• CPD Travel to fabulous locations.
• Combine your love of travel with great education sessions as you travel with a
group of like minded people.
Travel + Education + Friendship = tax deduction.

Join now for just $99