IAHPC Manual of Palliative Care

The International Association for Hospice and Palliative Care (IAHPC) is a not for profit organization committed to the development of palliative care world-wide.

‘The IAHPC is conscious of the fact that in many countries palliative care textbooks and practice manuals are expensive or difficult to obtain. With this in mind, the authors have updated the 3rd edition of the IAHPC Manual of Palliative Care which is offered for free to the global palliative care community. The IAHPC offers this Manual in the hope that doctors and nurses world-wide will find the information in it helpful, will feel free to download whatever parts of it they want, and will make its existence known to colleagues also seeking to improve their skills so as to offer better care to their terminally ill patients.

The IAHPC Manual of Palliative Care is not intended to be a substitute for any textbook or reference book. Nor do its authors claim that it is exhaustive and comprehensive. It does however contain much of what is necessary for the day-to-day practice of palliative care.’  You may find the content of interest.

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