Where the Hell is the User Manual?

Where the Hell is the User Manual?

Nurses often struggle with using equipment particularly when they can easily access the ‘user manual’. This post is by George Koning  who has created a great solution!  

The Clinical Equipment User Manual Library was the world’s first intranet accessible digital Medical Equipment User Manual Library (CEUML) made in Australia and is currently used by over 250 Australian and UK hospitals.

So what has this got to do with Nurses and Nursing?

Nurses spend more time in front of medical devices than any other discipline in healthcare – even if they not using the device, they are the custodians of equipment used in hospitals. The CEUML was designed and setup with them in mind.

Other than all the obvious compliance standards and regulations which mandate hospitals to ensure all equipment users have access to the Manufacturer’s Instructions for Use (IFU) 24/7 the real benefit of the CEUML has nothing to do with reading the IFU – Nobody actually reads the User Manual right?!

In their current format, most IFUs were never meant to be read – they are reference manuals to be referred to when needed. “Broken – DO NOT USE “ stuck on a machine with a band aid is not just about a piece of equipment in the corridor waiting for the biomeds – it is a workflow issue which has implications related to delays, cancellations and rescheduling appointments, which in some cases for people who have waited for weeks and even months. Once somebody attaches that piece of paper to a device, nobody will touch it!

All reputable manufacturers have detailed User Troubleshooting Guides in their IFU and if a device displays an Error Code or Description, staff can establish within minutes whether or not they dealing with a real technical issue that warrants the sticker “Broken – DO NOT USE” or if it is a USER Issue which can be addressed at the Point-of-Care.

Technical issues have grown with the increase in the number of devices and they not going to go away. The CEUML is designed for tech savvy nurses – at the Point-of-Care.

For more information  please go to  the website http://www.bioclinicalservices.com.au/ or email [email protected]

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