Framework – Australian Clinical Quality Registries

‘In Australia there is limited capacity to measure and monitor the degree to which health care benefits the patient (effectiveness) and how closely that care aligns with evidence-based practice (appropriateness). Clinical quality registries are organisations which monitor and report on the appropriateness and effectiveness of health care. Currently however, only a small number of data collections capture and report process and outcomes data for specific clinical conditions or interventions.
The development of a number of high-priority national registries, within national arrangements, has the potential to address the current gap in health care quality measurement and inform improvements in the quality of patient care.
In collaboration with the states and territories, the Commission has developed national arrangements for clinical quality registries, described within a Framework for Australian clinical quality registries. This framework has been endorsed by the Australian Health Ministers’ Advisory Council (AHMAC).
The Framework for Australian clinical quality registries describes a mechanism by which jurisdictions can authorise and secure record-level data, within high-priority clinical domains, to measure, monitor and report on the appropriateness and effectiveness of health care. The information can be used to inform improvements in healthcare quality and safety within those domains. In addition to improved patient outcomes, the use of these clinical quality registries significantly improves compliance with evidence-based guidelines and standards and informs the development of new guidelines and standards.’

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