Emergency Medicine in the United Emirates

If you have ever wondered about Emergency Medicine in the United Emirates you will find this article from the International Journal of  Emergency Medicine of interest. ‘It has been a decade since emergency medicine was recognised as a specialty in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).In this short time, emergency medicine has established itself and developed rapidly in the UAE. Large,well-equipped emergency departments (EDs) are usually located in government hospitals, some of which function as regional trauma centers. Most of the larger ED’s are staffed with medically or surgically trained physicians, withboard-certified emergency medicine physicians serving as consultants overseeing care.

Prehospital care and emergency medical services (EMS) operate under the auspices of the police department. Standardised protocols have been established for paramedic certification, triage, and destination decisions. The majority of ambulances offer basic life support (BLS/Type 2) with a growing minority offering advanced life support (ALS/Type 3).

This article describes the full spectrum of emergency medicine in the UAE: prehospital care, EMS, hospital-based emergency care, training in emergency medicine, and disaster preparedness. ‘

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