Do you Know Your Nursing Hours Per Patient Day?

Do you Know Your Nursing Hours Per Patient Day?

What are Nursing Hours Per Patient Day?

Nursing Hours Per Patient Day is simply a ratio of how many hours of nursing care are given to each patient.  It’s a simple formula, way easier than calculating an insulin infusion! But few nurses are familiar with it.  Who Cares About Nursing Hours Per Patient Day?

The obvious, perhaps a little cynical answer, is the hospital’s accountant and none of the nurses Nurses busy delivering patient care: which is their core business.  But there is power within those numbers for nurses to squirrel out hours to use for your department.

For hospital execs, it’s their main key performance indicator.  For them, when the nursing team leaders get this wrong on the weekend – it’s frankly a night.  The managers walk in on Monday morning to a desecrated nursing hours per patient day target and they’re behind the 8-ball before they even order their first coffee.

But what if Clinical Nurses knew the tricks of the trade and could manipulate work hours?  The hospital exec’s KPI gets nailed and nurses get to deploy nursing hours where they really want it: quality patient care. Isn’t that a win-win?

Share this YouTube video with your Clinical Nurse team and watch your work hours fall…

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Authored by: Nicole Nash-Arnold

Nicole Nash-Arnold is a nursing career coach who helps great nurses transform into respected leaders. She shares her 15 years of experience in both senior and executive health leadership roles to germinate great leadership. Clinically, Nicole has over ten years perioperative experience before moving into her nurse educator and management roles. Currently, she manages a privately owned emergency department in Brisbane. She has post-graduate qualifications in perioperative nursing and currently a Masters In Nursing. Nicole is a member of the International Coaches Federation. Nicole’s career coaching blog can be found at

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