Considerations for Patients Treated in Foreign Hospitals

“The repatriation of patients from foreign hospitals can foster the emergence and spread of multidrug-resistant bacteria (MRB). The ever-growing international tourism industry coupled with the repatriation of patients who become ill during their travel has enhanced the occurrence of Multi-Drug-Resistant Bacteria.”

The enclosed research  article published in  the Journal of Travel Medicine identifies that “The occurrence of MRB among patients repatriated from foreign hospitals is noted in a significant minority of such individuals transferred back to their home country. The typical MRB patient was admitted to a high-risk unit in the foreign hospital prior to repatriation; in addition, longer foreign hospital admissions and antibiotic administration during the initial hospital admission were also seen more frequently in these MRB patients

The prospective identification of these patients prior to transport is difficult.  While these factors are associated with MRB presence, their absence does not rule out highly resistant bacterial colonisation.”

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