Compliance with protective eyewear

This is a small Australian Study where the objective was to obtain an in-depth understanding of the phenomenon of peri-operative nurses’ use of protective eyewear in the operating room (OR), and to understand nurses’ attitudes and beliefs towards protective eyewear.  It may prompt you to consider the compliance rates in your workplace.

‘For nurses, being compliant with protective eyewear is a combination of intrapersonal, environmental and professional factors, including protecting self, risk appraisal, beliefs, previous experiences, fear, comfort and functionality, professionalism, leadership, forgetting versus routine, time pressure and accessibility, alternatives and patient-centred care.

Individual nurse’s beliefs towards protective eyewear and its impact on work, life and patient care influence their decision to use protective eyewear. Peri-operative nurses are more compliant when they are well informed and are in a supportive work environment. ‘

Perioperative protective eyewear

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