Combination of 3 Antibiotics can Kill MRSA

Combination of 3 Antibiotics can Kill MRSA

We know the terrible impact that MRSA can have on patients and recent research has identified a potential combination of drugs that can successfully combat MRSA. The  research has focused on  three drugs, Meropenem, Piperacillin and Tzobactum  from a group of antibiotics called  beta-lactams  that when used alone  are not able to kill MRSA  but when used as a three drug strategy have  proved effective against  MRSA in laboratory conditions.

The study is published online Sept. 14 in the journal Nature Chemical Biology.

Working with collaborators in the microbiology laboratory  in St. Louis,  the research  team tested and genetically analyzed 73 different variants of the MRSA microbe to represent a range of hospital-acquired and community-acquired forms of the pathogen. The researchers treated the various MRSA bugs with the three-drug combination and found that the treatments worked in every case.

Then, in experiments conducted by collaborators at the University of Notre Dame, the team found that the drug combination cured MRSA-infected mice and was as effective against the pathogen as one of the strongest antibiotics on the market.

The drugs,  attack the cell wall of bacteria and  work in a synergistic manner. The drugs didn’t produce resistance in MRSA bacteria which is valuable in not enhancing drug resistance.



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