Code of Professional Conduct for Nurses – Have you crossed the line?

Do you know if you have ever breached the Code of Professional Conduct for Nurses? We are bound to comply with the Code of Professional Conduct for Nurses, noting there is additional Code of Professional Conduct for Midwives, these were updated in 2013.

It’s not difficult to transgress this Code of Professional Conduct so it’s really important that to keep yourself professionally safe you understand this code.

According to the code ‘Professional boundaries in nursing are defined as limits which protect the space between the professional’s power and the client’s vulnerability; that is they are the borders that mark the edges between a professional, therapeutic relationship and a non professional or personal relationship between a nurse and a person in their care!

Consider the following:

Have you ever in your professional role:

  • Disclosed personal information about yourself to your patient – self disclosure – what have been the reasons for same?
  • Gone ‘beyond the call of duty’ – extended with doing ‘personal jobs’ for your patient
  • Unnecessarily gone within the patients ‘personal space’
  • Actively sought a personal relationship
  • Conducted a sexual relationship with a patient
  • Used information gained through your professional relationship with the patient for other reasons other than care delivery
  • You may be surprised when you read what can constitute Professional Boundary Crossings, Professional Boundary Violations and Sexual Misconduct.

Read the Code of Professional Conduct and play it safe… don’t cross the Line!

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