April 2019 | Wellness in Healthcare Workers | A South Pacific Cruise

April 2019 | Wellness in Healthcare Workers | A South Pacific Cruise

Towards Equilibrium: Optimising Wellness in Healthcare Workers

Wellness matters, not just in its own right, but because it affects performance. This interactive Conference invites attendees to reflect on four key themes that will introduce them to a number of strategies to enhance their own wellness and performance. At the end of this Conference attendees will have a personal toolkit containing strategies that they can use to enhance their professional and personal life.

“We expect that our work day is going to consist of a series of interactions that are geared towards the goal of achieving the best care for our patients. We expect that we will do this by working together, each to our own strengths, and within our own role, until we get the patient what they need and to where they need to go.

We expect that we will be respected for our knowledge, our skill and our experience. We expect that we will be supported should we run into trouble – if there is a gap in our knowledge, or if we need assistance with a procedure, or if there is a process or system issue with which we are not familiar. We expect that we will be given feedback that is constructive and useful, in order that we may enhance and improve our skills, individually and collectively.

In turn, we expect to treat our colleagues in the same way – with respect, support and feedback. But sometimes things don’t quite work out like this.” (Reference Shahania Braganza  click here to read more>>)

Four themes will be examined in this Conference:
  1. The Landscape of Clinician Wellness – where we explore Wellness within the health profession.
  2. The Science of Wellness – under this theme the Anatomy of Mental Wellbeing is investigated. We will discover the concept of Legitimising the Wellness Agenda – how wellness affects our performance, individually and collectively.
  3. Equipping the Wellness Toolbox – which is an introductory mindfulness workshop –  in this experiential workshop we explore the practice of mindfulness, including brief, low-intensity practices that are embeddable in the healthcare workplace. We also investigate the concept of work/life balance – this is an interactive workshop delving into the tools for “recharging batteries”, based on our own strengths and interests.
  4. Translating Ideas into Action – From Individual to Team Wellness. Under this theme we explore how to take what has been learnt and implement actions in local workplaces.

In addition, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in the “Creative Corner” if they choose where the use of art for wellness will be introduced and delegates will be invited to commence work on a creative project. Over four sessions, the Creative Corner will involve the symbolism of the tree, and how our own ability to grow and thrive is dependent on many things – support, strength, nurturing, space to grow, resilience, and the ability to withstand the “storms”.

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