April 2018 | Key Elements of Nursing Knowledge Seminar | Bundaberg, Qld

April 2018 | Key Elements of Nursing Knowledge Seminar | Bundaberg, Qld

The knowledge base that underpins contemporary Nursing practice is vast. In this three-day Seminar there will be a focus on 4 key components of Nursing practice:

1. Wound Care -specifically Module 4 of the Nurses for Nurses Network Wound Management Program.  Click here>> to view all 9 Modules

  • Gain an understanding of the specialised care requirements of various client populations
  • Explore the linkages between physiology and the process of wounding
  • Examine the most common types of wounds that are found in these populations
  • Review Nursing strategies that are directed at reducing the incidence of unnecessary wounds or wound complications in these populations

2. Advanced Life Support  and ECG interpretation

  • Explore ECG interpretation
  • Review the management of fatal arrhythmias
  • Revise the components of advanced life support
  • Reflect on the management protocols for advanced life support in your own clinical setting

3. Medication Safety

  • Explore the issue of medication safety
  • Understand the limitations of the 5 (or is that 64 rights!) rights in practice
  • Discover enablers for how Nurses achieve safe practice despite contextual barriers
    encountered in contemporary healthcare
  • Review some available resources to support the Registered Nurse in the practice of safe
    medication administration

4. Nursing Law – Professional Malpractice, Professional Misconduct, and Unsatisfactory Conduct

  • Relate the law and professional governance standards to findings against Nurses
  • Identify behaviours that open the way for investigations
  • Apply the law and professional standards to practice
  • Understand the consequences and sanctions that are the result of negative findings

This three-day seminar will provide the attendee with evidence of 18 hours of continuing professional development (CPD) provided by experts in their respective fields.

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The Destination: Bundaberg

Bundaberg is a great location and we recommend that you take some time to explore what the area has to offer https://www.bundabergregion.org/

There are many accommodation options available in the area. You can choose to stay at the beach or in town Click here>> to explore the options.

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