Accreditation & Notification Periods

The Quality Agency Principles 2013 came into effect in December 2013 but recently the Agency has now started checking that Providers observe the notification obligations.  There is a specified time frame for notification of residents and their families in readiness for forthcoming site audits. Section 2.12 Approved Provider must inform care recipients about site audit sets out notification periods and states that the Provider must take all reasonable steps to ensure that each care recipient, or the care recipient’s care representative, is made aware of the site audit and that this must be done at least 21 days before the start of the site audit (unless the CEO provides shorter notice than this).

To ensure appropriate notification occurs, the Principles also state that the Provider must, at a minimum, provide written information to each resident (or their representative), including any wording provided by the CEO, and display copies of the poster provided by the CEO, in a prominent place or places within the residential care service

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