Wound Care  – 6 Tips for Taking a Wound Swab!

Wound Care – 6 Tips for Taking a Wound Swab!

Nurses take wound swabs on a regular basis but its been interesting to discover that some Nurses are still of the opinion that you should take the wound swab before you clean the wound with some  identifying that it is fine to take the swab from the pooled exudate on the discarded wound dressings. We have created a short  download which you are welcome to print that may  be  of use.

The Nurses for Nurses Network provides great information and CPD   including  wound care in a range  of easy learning ways including webinars and quizzes on the  latest information that Nurses need to know – remember the Nurses for Nurses Network was created by Australian Nurses for Nurses !  www.nursesfornurses.com.au


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