Intelligent scalpel locates cancerous tumors in the brain

Intelligent scalpel locates cancerous tumors in the brain

An Intelligent Scalpel that can remove a brain tumour? Can you imagine how this advancement will assist with survival rates for those who are diagnosed with Brain tumour?  Scientists have designed a “smart scalpel” that determines whether an area is healthy or tumorous. The tool, the size of a scalpel, has a spherical  tip which is less than one millimeter.

I came across the following  information in an  article in Science Daily and thought you may find it interesting. 

  • ‘The device is designed to be used in the operating room when a brain tumor is already diagnosed. ‘
  • ‘It features integrated sensors that by wiping the surface warns the neurosurgeon with visual and/or auditory displays about the status of tissue, refraining to be a distraction. The results are obtained in less than half a second, saving vital time during the operation.’
  • “The instrument is designed to locate tumors at an early stage, when it is visible through an MRI but not in the operating room because its physical characteristic are similar to those of healthy tissue, making it difficult to discern. ” identified Mr Oliva, president of the Mexican Talent Network Abroad chapter Belgium,
  • ‘The prototype was tested in artificial tumors and brain tissue from pigs, where excellent results were obtained and demonstrated the feasibility of entering the phase of human trials.
  • The design of the device has been worked on for six years, the mechanical and sensory components were made at the University of Hannover, Germany, and specialized neurosurgery hospitals, and digital processing was developed at the Free University of Brussels, Belgium (VUB).
  • This sensor technology can be miniaturized and adapted to detect tumors in other areas of the body such as stomach or intestine where it is necessary to introduce a tiny device called endoscope to evaluate the tissue and remove the malignant area.
  • Furthermore, it is possible to extend the device to the application in assisted surgeries by robots, because the sensor technology has the quality to empower these teleoperation devices.’

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