10 reasons why Nurses are incredible!

Nurses are incredible. When you think about all the Nurses you know, I’m sure there are common traits that stand out! The great thing about Nurses is that we all have things in common and it doesn’t matter where you are in the world if fellow Nurses know you are a Nurse you are welcomed and included.

This week is very exciting as we are heading off to commence our fabulous annual CPD conference – this year it’s the Greek Islands.  We can’t wait to meet up with our peers from around Australia and overseas!  As we enjoy the conference I think it will be easy to see reflected in our peers what has been identified as the 10  best Traits for a Good Nurse.

Empathy -we comprehend, understand and support those around us (be it at work or at play)

Communication – we are known for being good communicators- talking, listening and interpreting the many ‘non verbals’ from those around us

Detail Orientated – wow if Nurses aren’t focused on detail, nothing would get done

Intuition- It’s that ‘gut instinct’, that little voice inside that with time in the profession makes us Intuitive

Physical Endurance – Nurses are known for being hard workers, consistently going the extra mile, doing overtime, and doing ‘on-call’. Nurses push though and get things done when the going gets tough

Emotional Stability – Hmmm perhaps some days we may laughingly question it after a long and difficult day at work – but Nurses are champions, always dealing with what needs to be done  so they can  be back at work the next day

Critical Thinking – Nurses have to think and analyse all day long – many say they do it in their sleep and never ‘switch off completely’

Ability to Coordinate – Nurses are great organisers – if you need lots of things done – ask a Nurse

Patience- Apparently Nurses have patience – although I am sure many of us would rather do things ourselves rather than waiting sometimes for others

Dedication  Behind the myriad of different personalities  who work in our Nursing Profession – we are dedicated, at the end of the day we are each committed to genuinely making a positive difference to the people we care for ….. Yes Nurses are  Incredible!

What do you think are the traits found in Nurses – would love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Cheryl at 4:00 am

    I wish the nurses at UPMC , CONEMAUGH, and most other hospitals in PA got copies of this. Of all the places I’ve lived… And there have been many…the nurses in the state of PA are by far the rudest and least educated of all encountered. Both as a BSN/RN &, unfortunately, as a patient. I’ve had nurses here in western PA(UPMC) completely clueless re: accessing, maintaining and HEPARINIZING a power port. CLUELESS. I’ve had nurses here many times come in to medicate me with meds in ALLERGIC to. Then they get angry when I tell them I’m allergic. Here, NOONE READS A CHART..NURSES, DRS., NOONE! I miss working as a nurse, its a very fulfilling profession.I do, however, wish the nurses in this area would be more responsible…after all..they are supposed to be providing EXPERT CARE FOR HUMAN LIVES!!!
    A huge THANK YOU for all of the giving, caring and knowledgeable nurses out there!! GOD BLESS AND GUIDE YOUR HANDS AND HEARTS!

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